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Why Choose Our Snatch Straps?

✓ Heavy-Duty

✓ Long-Lasting

✓ Australian Manufactured

✓ Custom Options Available

Trusted by Australian farmers for nearly 20 years, Central Wheatbelt Imports are known for their superior product quality.

We have been supplying locally manufactured snatch straps since 2016. Spanning from 16-tonne to 150-tonne snatch-straps, our range caters for trucks, tractors, heavy machinery and four-wheel-drives.

We can also have snatch straps and tow straps custom-made to your exact requirements, usually within two-five working days as long as manufacturer has webbing.

Treated properly and stored clean and dry, these straps are an investment that will last a long time.

We continually receive great feed-back on the quality and durability of these straps.  The most common comment we hear is that operators don’t get as stuck (trying to get themselves out), as having a strap on hand which makes extracting bogged machines a much easier and simpler task and in most instances, a much smaller towing tractor is required.

Purchase snatch straps from your local dealer, online, or call us on (08) 9335 2700 to discuss your custom requirements.

How Do Snatch Straps Work?

Snatch straps are constructed from nylon. When used to recover a stuck vehicle, the kinetic energy stored in the strap whilst under tension generates an improved pulling power for extracting the bogged vehicle.

Not only do the straps assist the vehicle recovery itself, but they also reduce the risk of vehicle damage during the recovery process.

While snatch straps are highly effective in recovery operations, they can also be highly dangerous if not used correctly. Make sure you are using the right straps for your machinery and be sure to follow the instructions carefully, to avoid accidents and injury.

A snatch strap is not designed for towing and should never be used for this purpose. Towing straps are manufactured from polyester and do not stretch.

For more information on our snatch straps, contact our friendly team today.



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