Nozzle Calculator Increases Safety especially for Summer Spraying

Nozzle Calculator increases Safety

Summer spraying usually includes chemicals that specify on
the label that a nozzle producing either a medium or coarse droplet be used.
With some nozzles this difference can be achieved just by a change of operating

The Billericay Farm Services Air Induction Nozzle,
distributed by Central Wheatbelt Imports, produces (depending on pressure)
droplets in the medium and coarse category. BfS have produced a nozzle
calculator that easily lets you enter your desired speed and volume and displays the vmd
and classification as well as % driftables. You can alter your speed and or
volume to see what parameters you can operate in and still produce the correct
sized droplet. This nozzle calculator will be an invaluable tool in helping
maintain your spraying accreditation and ensure that you are doing the best
spray job possible.

The BfS Air Bubble Jets are fitted as standard by a number
of Western Australian boomspray manufacturers and in the last few years have
developed a strong reputation as being the nozzle of choice for all season

Most of the Western Australian wheatbelt has received substantial rain over harvest which has been followed up
with isolated violent storm activity. This along with current data proving that
controlling summer weeds, especially early is extremely profitable, means that
the boomspray is well and truly in for a summer work out this year. In fact
many farmers I have spoken to have already sprayed the entire farm once.

Summer spraying also comes with different weather conditions
to those experienced in winter and spring. Spraying should only take place in
under Delta T 8 weather conditions.  This
is a combination measurement of wind speed, humidity and temperature. The lower
the Delta T equals a lower evaporation rate and so more chemical will hit the
ground with reduced chances of inversion.
To maximise spraying time in the correct weather conditions,
many operators start spraying at midnight. Even with guidance systems good
lighting is essential.

Central Wheatbelt Imports has increased its range of HID
lights, as well as a new range of LED Lightbars. With the addition of at least four
HID lights and in many instances just replacing existing lights, safe and
accurate night time spraying is now possible. The other attraction of HID and
LED lighting is their low power draw. With guidance systems being a large
consumer of power, standard alternator output on many machines does not allow
extra halogen style lighting. The low power consumption of Central Wheatbelt
Imports range of HID and LED lights means extra or replacement lights can now
be safely fitted to most machines.

With the intimate knowledge of light output per unit,
Central Wheatbelt Imports director, Craig Gorfin can suggest a tailor made
package for most machines.

For the upcoming spraying and seeding program, Craig has
good stocks of the Billericay Air Bubble Jets, HID and LED lights and Camera
Observation Systems. The Camera Observation kits are quickly becoming known as
the unpaid right hand man, especially when fitted in an air seeder tank seeding

For more detailed information on Air Induction Spray
nozzles, HID & LED Lighting, or Camera Observation systems please contact
Craig on 08-92847600 or 0417 967696.

Extracted from The Farm Weekly Jan 2012

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