9in Quad Hay Baler Kit, code; cwicamKQ9-HB

Code: cwicamKQ9-HB

$1,391.50 $1,320.00

A camera kit designed for hay balers to increase out put and operators performance.

Kit includes a 9in Digital Quad Screen with power harness to main 7 pin plug (cwicabQQ1-7)

7 pin front implement cable, cwicabQ3-1

4 pieces of 10 metre cable, cwicab10

2 pieces of cwicamstd 69 degree camera to look at rams

2 pieces of cwicam120, 120 degree cameras to look at knotters and out rear

Enables operator to keep more even pressure on rams and pick up failed knots quicker and to check on quality of bale being ejected.

Operators already commenting on how much less turning to look at machine is required with cameras installed

Screen can also be used at harvest time for monitoring a chaser bin and at seeding time to monitor air-carts.

Apologies for quality of screen photo as it is incredibly difficult to get a clear shot of a screen in action.


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